Market Challenge

“Power fix urgent as grid teeters”

Australian Financial Review, 5 Jan 2020

Australia faces the reality of over half of dispatchable baseload generation reaching end-of-life within the next 20 years.

Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) reached 24% penetration in 2019, and is projected to reach 50% by 2025.

AEMO interventions and peak energy pool prices have risen dramatically to keep generation online and ensure grid stability.

Disappearing baseload & rising VRE are causing:

Supply shortfall at peak

Constant intermittency risk

Rising grid costs

Rising consumer prices

Falling profitability

Emerging High Growth Market

Solving multiple challenges. Creating multiple revenues.

Ensuring supply and preventing blackouts by providing reliable power when the grid needs it most

Stabilising the grid by meeting AEMO’s growing need for Ancillary Services

Firming renewables and enabling transition of projects as coal fired generation retires

Lowering emissions by driving energy and utilities investment, enabling capital flow to projects which decentralise and decarbonise electricity grids

Energy and utilities investment targeting to drive up to 1,000MW of renewable energy infrastructure capacity in Eastern Australia

Our Integrated Solution

Instant battery dispatch of 200MW for up to 15 minutes

Full 200MW plant dispatch in under 4 minutes

Gas storage for up to 12 hours of continuous dispatch

Secured future viability via integrated gas supply