Many asset owners find themselves facing declining production volumes from ageing or mature assets. They may also have inherent end-of-life costs which are well-known or alternatively not clearly identified.

QADO can assist with identifying contract management options which may realise additional value from mature assets or simply targeting reduced financial liability in older fields and the associated processing facilities, be they on-shore or off-shore.

QADO also has the experience to manage discussions and if required, negotiations with regulators regarding abandonment and/or make-good and rehabilitation requirements.

For Investors, mature asset acquisitions require added due diligence which goes beyond the financial. QADO provides to the potential purchaser the added value brought by significant project development, operational, regulatory, commercial, and technical expertise.

That being said, many current owners see these assets as “no longer fitting” their portfolios, and opportunistic Investors may reap the benefits of applying QADO proprietary processes to the evaluation, acquisition, re-development and operation of these assets for an extended period of economic life and financial gain.


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