The QADO Group has established a subsidiary, QADO Technologies (QADO-T) to identify, invest in, and assist with the commercialisation of existing and emerging technologies which will in time re-position QADO for transitioning its business. Via values-based partnerships, QADO-T aims to be a key provider of enhanced environmental, energy efficiency, and integrated community outcomes, within the Australasian resources sectors.

Current areas of particular focus are: low to zero emission facility applications; water conservation, clean up, and beneficial use; and energy recovery applications. QADO-T is interested in engaging with developers of technologies which would deliver these outcomes for the natural gas, mining, and gas-fired power generation sectors.

Commercialisation of Hydrogen as a fuel source is of interest to QADO-T, particularly if an emerging technology application can be identified which is complementary to the Group’s current opportunities under development, and align with its medium term business objectives.