Airlie Energy Flows Gas from Mt St Martin Vertical Wells


Brisbane, Queensland – 3 February 2023 – Airlie Energy announced today that it had successfully flowed gas from the Moranbah Coal Measures in both Mt St Martin 3 and Mount St Martin 4 vertical wells in ATP688. Airlie Energy holds a 100% interest in ATP688 in the North Bowen Basin, located to the south of Collinsville, in Central Queensland.

Managing Director of Airlie Energy, Chris Connell, commented that the production testing of the Mt St Martin wells in the northern part of ATP 688 was an important part of Airlie’s ongoing activities in ATP688, adding to the successful Tilbrook 8 horizontal well production test performed by the former operator, in the southern part of ATP688.  The Moranbah coals are pervasive across ATP688 and the confirmation of gas production in both the north and south of the area bodes well for the area.

ATP688 is ideally located near to infrastructure with the North Queensland Gas Pipeline and the 275 KV electricity transmission system both traversing the area.  “The latest well results are very pleasing and support the extensive assessment of the area completed in 2022.  I believe that Airlie is well positioned to supply to the regional energy market in Queensland and to contribute to future regional economic growth and employment.  We anticipate playing a significant role in the supply of energy for industrial users as well as peaking power generation, in support of the “Energy Transition” into the future he said.


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Airlie Energy Pty Ltd, a privately owned company based in Brisbane, is the 100% holder of ATP 688P, which is located in the North Bowen Basin, 30 km south of Collinsville. Find more information about Airlie Energy at

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Chris Connell
Managing Director